January 23, 2017

10 Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer

I know I am biased (because I am a photographer), but your decision on who you want to photograph your wedding, is one of the most important decisions you will make during the days and planning leading up to your wedding. It’s important to love your photographer’s work and to be able to trust your photographer on the day. These images turn into keepsakes for generations to come! Both the bride and groom should be able to relax and experience the day without any worries!
Here are 10 questions to ask your potential wedding photographer:

The Basics:

1. Do you have my date available?
This seems obvious! That being said, if the photographer of your dreams is not available for your date, you may have to consider how important their work is to you. Are you willing to change your date in order to have the photographer that you want? This can be a very real experience for many couples!
2. How would you describe your photography? (photo-journalistic, traditional, creative?)
This is such an important question, as this will give you a clear idea of if your dream images matches the photographer’s overall style and how they work with their clients.
Do you prefer bright and saturated images or do you prefer romantic and soft images?
3. Do you have a portfolio I can review?
It is so important to know and love your photographer’s aesthetic! This way there are no surprises when your final images are delivered to you. Make sure you see lots of examples that you love before you book!
4. What is the deposit to hold the date and when is the final installment due?
Most photographers upon booking take a deposit in order to hold the date. As during the wedding planning process, finances and paying vendors can be quite daunting, it’s important to know when your photographer requires full payment so that you can budget accordingly.

The Shoot:

5. If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge to extend?
Many couples on the wedding day will often want to extend their photographer during the day. Make sure you ask your photographer if there is an extra fee involved and if they have the time to extend if necessary on your date!
6. Is there an opportunity for a second shooter and if so, is there an extra cost?
Having a second shooter on board for your day is a great option! It allows for more photos and different angles that the lead photographer may not be able to achieve as they are the one directing the scene!
7. What is your favorite part of a wedding to shoot? What are your favorite photos to take?
I love this question as the photographer and client get to bond over what the most important part of the event will be. Both can share their thoughts so each party knows which moments are the most important.
8. Have you ever shot at my venue before, and if not do you scout your location beforehand?
Your photographer should be aware of the venue so that they can plan for their lighting needs or locations on site that they can use. Most photographers (if they are unfamiliar with your venue) will and should ALWAYS scout the location before-hand.

Post Wedding:

9. Will I receive an image release once the photos are done?
Generally you will receive an image release once your photos are edited and sent to you. It can also be apart of the photography contract that you sign with your photographer upon booking. It’s important to note that most releases are for personal use only. So post on instagram and facebook to your heart’s content. It’s always a nice touch to tag your photographer if you can. 😉
P.s If you end up wanting to submit your wedding to a wedding blog or magazine, check with your photographer first! (this will probably be stated in your contract as well)
10. How long will it take for my images to process and will you send a sneak peek image in the meantime?
I know this is a big one, once the wedding is over, the anticipation of re-living your special day through images is enough to make someone crazy! When you pay for a photographer, you’re also paying for their editing time and skills so it’s important to know that this can take time as they also must balance their editing time with other shoots they may be working. Some photographer’s need at least 7-8 weeks to send off a wedding in full. But don’t worry! Most photographers love to send and post “sneak peek” image/s so that you can announce your special day and share with friends and family!

And there we go! 10 questions for your wedding photographer! If you’re planning a wedding , Congratulations! Let love live!


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