March 13, 2018

Janine Martins : Yoga Session

Ok, I’m going to come clean. I’ve always wanted to try yoga, but have always been too intimidated to try! I just think yoga girls seem so ‘in-tune’ with themselves and their bodies. I admire it so much, so when the amazing Janine Martins reached out to me for a shoot, I jumped at the chance! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous on the outside, but she is truly such an inspiring person. I am just so glad to capture these moments in her personal journey with yoga and her business.

I am not exaggerating when I say we had THE BEST TIME! I just love getting together with people that want to collaborate with openness to get beautiful images! We got some stunning images and I’m so excited to share it with all of you.

For more about Janine and her services, check her out HERE!

More of this stunning shoot on her Instagram, HERE!

When you meet her for a session, you will not be disappointed!



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