February 23, 2018

Julie & Ron- An Intimate Celebration of Love

Aw what a lovely wedding this one is! Julie and Ron are such a special couple and I am so honored to have been able to capture their intimate beach wedding! I had the chance to meet Julie and Ron when they flew down from Ohio to do their wedding planning for a couple of days. From the moment I met them, I knew it was going to be such a wonderful wedding day! The couple chose such a special date to get married- Julie’s parent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary (I think we all need to know their secret).

The highlight of the day was Julie and Ron’s amazing and emotional first look and then we headed back to Sunset Cove for their ceremony. The decor was just lovely, I just loved the ‘boho-beachy-chic’ vibe that Cassie at Celebrations styled. The couple ended their night with dancing with their feet in the sand. I don’t think it gets much better than this!

Enjoy this lovely wedding below.


Hair & Makeup: Rock Gorgeous
Venue: Sunset Cove | Floral and Decor: Celebrations
Officiant: Reverend Forrester
Cake: The Cake Studio | Music: Our own playlist!
Planner: Cassie South, Celebrations

Let’s start with a tough one. Describe your wedding day in 3-5 words!

Beautiful, magical, and perfect.

Did you do a first look? Why or why not?

I had never heard of a first look until Jenna told me about it, but yes we did it. It was probably my favorite part because it was an extremely emotional experience to be driven to a remote location separately. We shared such a special time together before the actual ceremony.

What specific moment will you hold onto forever?

When Jenna drove me to see Ron for the first look. It was incredible to walk down the wooden plank towards Ron. I felt like I was on the Bachelor.

The Dress. Tell me about your experience choosing it! Where did you find it, how did you choose it and how many did you try on before you found the one?

I ordered many beachy dresses online, but ultimately chose my daughter’s prom dress that for some reason we never got rid of. When I tried on dresses for my mom and my daughter, they both told me that I had a glow when I had the prom dress on. We knew that was the one. I then wore a beachy dress I ordered from Nordstrom to wear in the water. I wore a two piece skirt and bandeau for the reception.

What made you choose your venue?

Ron and I had stayed ocean front at Sunset Cove three times previously. We fell in love with that area of the island. I just knew that if I ever got married (which I never thought I would) this would be the place.

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?

It was stressful at the beginning because we were planning it from so far away. We ran into some “snafus” the month prior to the wedding.. Overall, everything worked out perfectly and it was an incredible day.

What advice would you offer couples planning for their wedding?

Simplify things and try not to have too many options to choose from.

How did you find me?

Cassie at Celebrations emailed me a list of photographers to choose from. She wanted me to look at all of their portfolios/work. I did not want to do that, nor did I have time. I simply chose Jenna because my daughter’s name is Jenna. If someone had that name, I figured that they were a very special person.

What photography related advice would you offer the camera shy?

Have fun, let go, relax, and get as many pictures as you can. The amazing experience lasts a few hours only and then its over.

Do you have a favorite photo? If so, which one?

My favorite photo is the photo of us running out of the water holding hands and laughing while enjoying the moment.

How was your experience taking photos with Jenna on your wedding day?

Amazing. Jenna had a calming effect on me and was so positive during the day. She kept reassuring me the entire day that everything would be perfect. Her husband Joathan was also amazing.


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