July 18, 2017

Katie & Seware’s Rustic Beach Wedding


Dress: Wtoo Watters | Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Bridesmaid Dresses: Adrianna Papell & BHLDN | Shoes: None! Toes in the sand.
Hair & Makeup: Jackie Soriano | Venue: The Cottage
Live Music: Trinity | DJ: DJ Craig
Planner: Celebrations LTD

How did you two meet? 

We met in college! We lived on the same floor in our dorm at UMass Amherst in 2007.

How did he propose?

He booked a surprise 2-night stay at the very villa that we were married. Chef Remy, our wedding caterer, catered a 5-course meal and Seware popped the question at sunset!

The Dress. Tell me about your experience choosing it! Where did you find it, how did you choose it and how many did you try on before you found the one? 

I booked three appointments in Manhattan but found my dress at the very first boutique. It was the 5th dress I tried on! I dismissed it when the woman assisting me with my search pulled it off the rack – it was completely opposite from what I told her I was looking for. I thought I wanted something fitted with a fancy back, DEFINITELY with straps. “Trust me,” she said and I just sort of shrugged it off, convinced that it wasn’t for me. Nonetheless, I knew it was the one the second I stepped into it, and my mother and sister agreed! My dress was exactly what I thought I wouldn’t get. It had the perfect feel for a rustic beach wedding – elegant on the top, party on the bottom.

What photography related advice would you offer the camera shy? 

Just be yourself. I am the total “what do I do with my hands?” type of gal but if you just focus on the day and not on the lens, you will look natural and Jenna will capture the moments just as they were. A glass or two of champagne also works wonders.

What made you choose your venue?

The memories. We were engaged at this villa the year before so it held a special place in our hearts. We also knew we wanted to get married on the beach but wanted the privacy that you simply can’t get on the other side of the island. It was perfectly intimate, spacious and fit our personalities. We also loved that we could make it what we wanted rather than being restricted by venue limitations.

What advice would you offer couples planning for their wedding?

In the last few days of wedding prep, I was totally feeling the stress of completing my DIY projects and making sure that everything was as it should be. My dad stopped me and said, “don’t sweat the small stuff… what doesn’t look perfect to you, and whatever last minute details don’t come to fruition… you guys will be the only ones who know what “should” have been.” I’ve given that same advice to many friends since our wedding!

What specific moment will you hold onto forever?

Many, but can I give two? The few moments with my dad before we made our way down the aisle, and the few minutes Seware and I had to ourselves out on the peninsula shortly after we finished our vows. The whole day will never leave me, including our vows, but those specific moments really stick out because they were so personal.

How would you describe your overall wedding experience? 

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing – it was everything I could have imagined and more. All of our vendors were phenomenal, the venue was a dream, and the memories are some that we will hold onto for the rest of our lives. It went by unbelievably fast and I’d give anything to relive it all over again!

What was it like working with Jenna on your wedding day?

Jenna was a dream! She made us and our guests feel so comfortable and made it so easy to just enjoy the day! She had a way of making sure we knew she was there, while making herself discreet at the same time. Jenna and Jon (who was super easy to work with as well) bounced around capturing every candid shot we could ever want and then told us exactly what to do for our ‘staged’ shots. Like I said, I am no pro in front of the camera, but you don’t have to be with these two! All of our shoots were seamless and that is entirely due to her professionalism and ease. Not only that, but she had my back – it was like having a 6th bridesmaid! From dress malfunctions to reminding us to eat, Jenna was completely there for us. She went above and beyond the scope of what you’d expect from a photographer, and brought so much comfort and joy to our day. I’m pretty sure I cried when she left for the night, lol!


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