March 8, 2017

Kristin & Kevron- A Sunset Session

I have been so excited to share the engagement of Kristin and Kevron. The couple had an amazing sunset session at Surfer’s beach here in Grand Cayman. The lighting was absolutely out of this world and the couple was in absolute bliss.
Check out more words from the “soon-to-be” bride below. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see their awesome “Save the Date” invite!
Congratulations you two! Here’s to happily ever after! xoxo

How long have you been together?
7 years

How did he propose?
On New Year’s Day, I joined him at his house where I was told several surprises were waiting for me. After having lunch, I was led to my first surprise; it was a card with a poem and on the back was a clue. Each card had a clue that led me to where I would find the next card. Some of the clues took me to a memorable moment throughout our relationship, such as where we got a massage and he set it up that I was able to get a pedicure that day. After leaving Hibiscus Spa, I went home to change into my outfit for the evening which he selected himself and was led to Camana Bay by another clue. When I arrived to Camana Bay, I went to Books and Books to where my next clue was carefully placed outside the door. I must admit, I felt a little awkward walking around Camana Bay dressed so formal while everyone was dressed in their casual outfits. After I reached my 6th clue, I was finally led to him where he was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs that led to the Observation Tower.
We climbed the stairs as we engaged in casual talk until we reached the top. At this point I wasn’t entirely sure what was about to happen or what we were waiting on. Then somewhere in the distance I heard something that sounded like music playing. As I listened more intently I realized that it was “All My Life’ by KC & JoJo but pretended to not hear it when he asked me about it and eventually admitted that I heard it. He led me over to another area of the top of the observation tower that was facing the canal and he told me to look down. As I looked down, people (whose faces I couldn’t make out at the time) was holding sparklers that spelt out M-A-R-R-Y M-E? At that moment an uncontrollable smile came across my face that I could not wipe away. He called to me “baby?” and as I looked at him he was down on one knee and said “will you marry me?” I was so shocked and dumbfounded that all I could do was smile until he asked again where I managed to nod my head yes. It felt so unreal that that had just happened that all I could do was just hug him and smile. It was a moment that I had thought about so many times before but could never imagine what it would actually feel like.

Do you have a wedding date? If so, where and when?
Kevron and I have decided that we want to tie the knot on December 28th in Orlando, Florida.

What was it like working with Jenna?

Photographing with Jenna was an experience like no other. Kevron and I had met Jenna previously at our friend’s wedding in November in which we were a part of the bridal party but we didn’t get a chance to speak much with her. When we arrived at the shoot, Jenna was so friendly it was like we had known each other for some time. We jumped right into the shoot as the sun was on its way down. The ideas Jenna had flowed one right after the other. There was no awkward pauses in her trying to think of what she should do next. She had a vision in mind and she instructed us how she wanted us positioned. We had so much fun photographing with her. She kept the energy up while we were shooting and the shots came out amazing. We brought our small dogs with us to the shoot and she was able to capture them in some great shots despite how much they wanted to explore and how bouncy they were. We would definitely recommend Jenna to anyone who wanted someone who is friendly, takes amazing shots and knows how to instruct in order to get those shots.


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