September 27, 2018

Lauren & Rob


Dress: BHLDN | Suit: J. Crew and Ralph Lauren
Flower Girl Dress – Janie and Jack | Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Hair & Makeup: Jackie Soriano and Trina Biliti
Venue: Point of View Villa and Grand Old House  Music: Violin – Cheryl Chernowski
Planner: Livia Kwong | Decor & Floral: Flower Dell

I am so pleased to share the stunning intimate wedding of Lauren and Rob.

What a tear-jerker of a day! The couple got ready at the gorgeous Point of View Villa in South Sound and finished the day with a lovely ceremony and reception at Grand Old House. I just loved photographing little Julia help Lauren get ready, while Rob spent some quality time with the boys. When Lauren began her walk down the aisle, I don’t think there was a dry eye in sight. I think everyone knew that Lauren and Rob belong together and along with the children, they make a home.

Congratulations to this very special couple! XO

Let’s start with a tough one. Describe your wedding day in 3-5 words!

Classic, unforgettable and super-fun!

The Dress. Tell me about your experience choosing it! Where did you find it, how did you choose it and how many did you try on before you found the one?

We took a day trip down to Houston from Dallas to visit BHLDN and the trip was well worth it. I’d tried on five or so dresses but wasn’t 100% certain I’d found the one as our appointment wrapped up. As we were leaving, I spotted a dress that was simple, classic and exactly what I was looking for. I hopped right back into the dressing room and immediately knew it was the one.

How was your experience taking photos with Jenna on your wedding day?

I came across your Instagram account and immediately knew your style was exactly what I wanted. It can be a great resource for finding a lot of your vendors. She was patient with everyone and brings this fun, exciting, and contagious energy. 

Did you do a first look? Why or why not?

We knew from the beginning we weren’t going to do a first look. I completely understand why couples do a first look, especially with Jenna as their photographer. Her first look pictures are absolutely stunning. Instead my husband spent the day with his two boys while his daughter and I got ready together. It was really special to have that time with them and of course that magical moment of seeing each other for the first time at the altar is irreplaceable. 

What advice would you offer couples planning for their wedding?

For the bride – make sure to give your lipstick to someone before the ceremony begins. You’ll want a touch up for pictures!  Shout out to Allison for coming to the rescue! For the couple – it’s okay to have a short engagement. Having dealt with six months of planning stress, I can’t imagine having another six months or more of fretting over the smallest details. Who doesn’t work better with a little fire beneath them?  

What made you choose your venue?

We decided on The Grand Old House because of their beautiful waterfront terrace.  There are rocks next to the terrace and having the waves crashing on to them during our wedding was incredibly romantic. 

What specific moment will you hold onto forever?

I will forever remember the moment when my uncle began walking me down the aisle and I first met eyes with my husband. Seeing him and his three children standing at the altar, my whole world felt complete in that moment.

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?

Let’s just say I don’t see wedding planning as a future career. I fully underestimated the amount of decisions that would have to be made and the immense attention to detail that goes into planning a wedding. However, the end result was a beautiful thing. Marrying the man of my dreams and celebrating with friends and family was the best experience of my life.

Do you have a favorite photo? If so, which one?

This is like asking someone which kid is your favorite. I love the photo of the kids covering their eyes while we kiss in the background. There’s so much personality captured in the photo and we are a family that loves to laugh. But honestly, my face hurts from smiling while looking at the entire album and reliving the whole experience.

What photography related advice would you offer the camera shy?

My best advice would be to fully trust in Jenna and have fun. You are going to feel more beautiful than you’ve ever felt and trust that Jenna’s photography skills will allow that to shine through. 

How did you find me?

I came across your Instagram account and immediately knew your style was exactly what I wanted. It can be a great resource for finding a lot of your vendors.


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