November 21, 2018

Samantha & Marshall – SeaScape Villa Wedding


Dress: BHLDN 
Bridesmaid Dresses: None, but if you count my sisters who decided right before I was walking down that they would walk too then Lily Pulitzer LOL 
Hair & Makeup: Jackie Soriano 
Venue: Seascape Villa | Music: DJ Craig
Planner: Celebrations, Mary Ann Mehigan | Cake: Cake Studio

I don’t think I can say enough good things about Samantha, Marshall, and their amazing family!!

Samantha and Marshall were married on a stormy day here in the Cayman Islands. We are just so lucky that the rain held off for such a special day for such a very special couple. This couple deserves nothing but happy days ahead. Anyone around Samantha and Marshall can tell that these two are truly each other’s best friends.

P.S Can I just say I just say I was brought to tears during the lantern ceremony that honored friends and family that could not be here on their special day. What a tear-jerker of a moment. The family just held each other while the lanterns were released into the night sky.

Congratulations Samantha & Marshall!! XO

Let’s start with a tough one. Describe your wedding day in 3-5 words!

 Most magical day ever!

The Dress. Tell me about your experience choosing it! Where did you find it, how did you choose it and how many did you try on before you found the one?

I actually just wanted to order one online but my sisters told me to go for the experience. My sister Kimberly picked it out and was probably the second or third one. I did not try an more one after that and we were in and out in 30 mins!  I love the sparkle. I love bright colors and glitter so this was totally me. 

Did you do a first look? Why or why not?

Yes! We did a first look because we wanted to have our time just us before the craziness. We also wanted to optimize our time to enjoy the day with our friends and family following the ceremony. 

Do you have a favorite photo? 

I love the twirling one in the first look but I also love so many others! I love the one where I look crazy excited before I see Marshall because I do that face all the time and it embodied my personality. I also love love love the photos of me and my sisters with our daughter (Julie doesn’t have one but she is holding my other sisters daughter) because my parents have 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters so its special. 

The photos of my flowers  the hanker, and the ring are so special. I lost my grandmother a couple years ago and she made the hanker for me before she passed for my wedding one day and the ring was one my grandfather gave my grandmother in Italy. He passed away last December unexpectedly and we had a strong bond so those mean the world to me. 

Marshall shared his first dance with his sister Tracy. Their mom passed away several years ago so they dance to her favorite song in honor of her. It had lots of people in tears. 

I also love the photo of me and my grandmother and my grandfather as well as the solos of Marshall. I also love the one of me my daughter and my mom when I am tickling her and probably my all time favorites are Kaylee (our daughter) running past my dress when getting ready and the flower girls twirling 🙂 

AS you can tell I have too many to list! 

Not sure if you would want to know but Marshall and I love the ocean and Cayman. It’s the best place on earth. We love the ocean so much our daughter is named Kaylee Kai – her middle name means “The Sea” in Hawaiian and her first name is a combo of my middle name (Kay) and Marshalls (Lee). 

I can not say enough good things about Jenna and Cayman, seriously amazing photos. It was the perfect day and I want to do it 100 times over! 

What advice would you offer couples planning for their wedding?

Have 2 older sisters and follow their lead. Relax and enjoy the day. You will never get this one day in your family history back so do not waist it being stressed. I give all the credit to my sisters and parents for pulling this off. All the fine details and special moments. 

What made you choose your venue?

My sisters chose it. I liked the idea of having a place where my family could stay and people could come and go. We had tons of events for the guest like a welcome party catered by Casa 43 at Seascape and a boat excursion. We had guest almost every night and the house cost about as much of a one night venue at a hotel on the island. 

How was your experience taking photos with Jenna on your wedding day?

Great! She and her husband made us feel so comfortable. She is a very warm person and just has a sense of “I got this” so it took the stress of me.

What photography related advice would you offer the camera shy?

I was scared to death I would hate these photos lol I am hyper critical of how I look and even though I was so uncomfortable you would never know. You were taking photos and capturing raw photos when I didn’t even know it!  

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?

FUN! I had a blast. Once I got past my brother in laws getting braids I had a blast! It was so special and fun!

How did you find me?

My sister found you. Not sure how, but I am sure by Instagram 🙂  

What specific moment will you hold onto forever?

The lantern ceremony.  And the reception 🙂


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